MyCare PLUS offers practitioners the freedom of seeing any NDIS patient


Online Booking

Our NDIS platform directs patients to you

Patient Management Software

MyCare Plus provides you with all the tools necessary to service all NDIS patients.

Access MyCare Plus with ease

A Cloud-Based system allowing you to access MyCare Plus using any device, at anytime, anywhere.

Automated Process



Automatic Bookings and Confirmation

Clients can book their own appointments online at any time through our online booking. Automatic SMS and email confirmations will be sent to the patients and their carers.

Automatic Approval System

Integrated confirmation system for NDIS patients. Their approval status will automatically be shown in your calendar.

Expand your Reach

Secure Telehealth functionality inbuilt to the platform! Reach patients in remote and rural areas.

Keep the practice running smoothly

Appointment layout, Staff management and Clinic profile management from a powerful yet simple platform.

Keeping patient records up to date

In-built patient records. Upload relevant files. Export and send anywhere you need.

Invoicing and Billing made easy

Automatic invoice generation and billing claimed for you from the NDIS and relevant parties.

Track and improve your practice

Financial and practice management reporting tools to help you track what is happening in your clinic.

Allied Health & GP Pricing


GP Full Access to our Integrated NDIS Practice Management Software

Featured Listing on our 24/7 Online Booking Platform

Integrated Appointment Calendar

Practice Management Software



Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees or hidden costs. You can get started at any time and anywhere.


What other fees might I be charged?

Our platform is based on “Pay-Per-Booking” model. This simple chargeable formula makes our platform attractive to the health industry. We charge 8% of the consultation cost as set by latest NDIS price guide for every NDIS booking.
If you’re not NDIS registered then we will charge another 8% of that consultation to handle the whole NDIS admin process on your behalf payable to our NDIS provider agent.


How do I begin?

Simply fill out our online form Clinics/Practitioners Form with he required details (need to include at least one practitioner details for each AHP service you provide) and we will send you an email with your own login with MyCare Plus.

Is there a fee for Telehealth?

Yes. Telehealth consultation are chargeable. Ask us for more info.


Is there a minimum contract term?

No! We think you should stick around only if you want to.


Are there any cancellation fees?

We want your 100% satisfaction – so you can cancel at anytime and there’s no charge for cancellation.


How many staff/users can i have?

MyCare Plus provides unlimited free users for each practice account. You can add as many practitioners, receptionists, administrators, managers and owners as necessary.


Still have other unanswered questions?

Email our dedicated team at