MyCare Plus is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all data and maintaining the highest level of security to protect this data at our disposal.

When we use “MyCare Plus”, “us”, “we”, or “our” within this policy, we are referring to MyCare Plus Pty Ltd (trading as “MyCare Plus”) which controls the information collected when you use our Services.

MyCare Plus offers web, desktop and mobile services which help you store, manage and process data, and also communicate and collaborate with other people. We also own and operate related services, such as customer support or training, social media or forums, and public or private events. Within this policy, we refer to all these services combined as “Services”.

When we use “Personal Data” within this policy, we refer to any information relating to an identifiable natural person or considered personally identifiable information by law. If the data contains no identifying information, then this policy does not apply, and the data can be used for any business purpose and will be treated according to our Terms of Use available at:

This policy is intended to inform you about our collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Data when you use our Services, or otherwise interact with us, unless a different privacy policy is shown.

If you do not agree with this policy, please do not access or use any of our Services, and do not interact with any other aspect or entity of our business.

This policy is subject to change in the future – any changes will be made to this page, and where appropriate, you will be notified by email.

This policy was last updated on the 29th of October 2018.


The Other Terms We Use

Common terms used throughout this policy are:

  • “Public Area” refers to any part of our Services accessible without needing to log in.
  • “Owner” refers to the entity or person that controls their instance of our Services.
  • “Account” refers to the instance of our Services controlled by an Owner.
  • “User” refers to anyone with access to an Account (including an Owner).
  • “Client” refers to a customer of an Owner.
  • “Contact” refers to a contact of an Owner.
  • “Visitor” refers to any individual who uses a Public Area.
  • “Client Data” refers to any Personal Data of a Client or Contact submitted through our Services either by the Client, Contact, or a User.
  • “User Data” refers to any Personal Data of a User submitted through our Services.
  • “Visitor Data” refers to any Personal Data of a Visitor submitted through our Services.
  • “Integrations” refers to any services provided by a third party which a User has granted access to our Services (including via an API key).


The Data Controller and Processor

Certain jurisdictions define a “Controller” and “Processor” of data and information. MyCare Plus is both a Controller and Processor in different contexts:

  • For Client Data – MyCare Plus is the Processor, the Owner is the Controller.
  • For User Data and Visitor Data – MyCare Plus is both Processor and Controller.

For User Data and Visitor Data – MyCare Plus is both Processor and Controller.


The Collection, Use and Sharing of Client Data

Our Services enable Users to store, manage and process Client Data for purposes such as scheduling bookings, writing clinical notes, and running their business. Client Data can also be created and collected within an Account via Integrations or public-facing parts of our Services, such as when a Client schedules their own booking.

We will collect, use, share and disclose Client Data in accordance with an Owner’s instructions, our Terms of Use, and as required by applicable law. We do not control how an Owner, or any third parties choose to share or disclose information. An Owner is responsible for:

  • Compliance with all applicable data protection and privacy laws.
  • Informing Users and Clients of the Owner’s policies and practices regarding Client Data.
  • Informing Clients of this Privacy Policy.
  • Informing us if a Client objects to the processing of Client Data.
  • Ensuring any Integrations comply with all applicable data protection and privacy laws.

If you are a Client, and believe that an Account contains your Personal Data, you will need to contact the Account Owner with any questions or requests regarding your data.


How We Collect Data

Throughout our Services we collect User Data and Visitor Data in the following ways:

  • Data Provided Directly – We may ask for data to be provided to us via our Services or during interactions with us.
  • Data Collected Automatically – We may collect data such as your IP address, browsing software, operating system, device information, location information, activities performed throughout our Services, and other similar information.
  • Data Collected via Cookies – We also use cookies and similar tracking technologies which may collect data in our Services and other online services.
  • Data Collected from Third Parties – We may collect data from other sources, such as publicly available resources, or third parties like our marketing and research partners or affiliates.

There is no obligation for you to provide us with your Personal Data, however, this may mean we are unable to provide you with our Services.


How We Use Data

Throughout our Services we use User Data and Visitor Data in ways that may include:

  • Providing, operating, modifying, maintaining, marketing and securing our Services.
  • To communicate with you, for reasons including:
    • Providing you with information.
    • Sending marketing communications (as per your preferences).
    • Requesting feedback or conducting research.
    • Verifying your details are up-to-date and accurate.
  • To provide you with customer support.
  • To analyse, aggregate and report on our Services.
  • As required by applicable law or regulation.


How We Share Data

Throughout our Services there are instances when we need to share User Data and Visitor Data with third parties such as:

  • Service Providers – We use other service providers and partners who enable us to secure, support, market and provide our Services to you.
  • Account Owners – We provide Users access to records and logs of your access, your activity, and your usage related to their Account for the User’s security, marketing, and other business uses.
  • Potential Buyers and their Agents – We will provide any necessary data to propose or complete, a business transaction, acquisition, merger, or sale of any part of MyCare Plus.
  • Regulators and Legal Entities – We will provide any necessary data to protect against legal liability, comply with applicable laws and regulations, or to exercise, establish or defend the legal rights of MyCare Plus.
  • Other Third Parties – We will provide data to a third party where we have your consent to do so.


How We Store, Transfer and Process Data

We may transfer, store, and process Personal Data outside of the country where you live. Other countries may have different laws and regulations than where you live. We utilise secure data centres throughout the world to store, transfer and process your data.

To assist Owners to comply with data and privacy regulations – Client Data is stored within our closest data centre to the Owner’s jurisdiction, unless requested or contracted otherwise. Client Data may be transferred, stored, or processed outside of the Owner’s country of residence to address specific data requests and maintain high quality support. For example – if an Owner requests a custom data set from us, the service providers we use to collate and transfer this data may have infrastructure in other countries and jurisdictions.

We may store User Data and Visitor Data within any of our data centres. Should we need to share or transfer Personal Data to a third party in another country, we will engage the necessary security mechanisms to ensure the data remains protected.


How Long We Retain Data

We will retain Client Data for the lifespan of the associated Account. It is the Account Owner’s responsibility to ensure any necessary Client Data is retained once the associated Account is closed.

We will retain User Data and Visitor Data for the necessary period of time to maintain a connection of our Services with you, or comply with any applicable legal, financial, or taxation requirements and regulations.

If you think there’s a problem with the Personal Information we hold about you, you will either have the tools available to make these changes, or you can request a correction. This enables you to have any incomplete or inaccurate data we hold about you corrected (though we may need to verify the accuracy of the new data you provide to us).

If you want to request erasure of your Personal Information, we’ll take all reasonable steps to do so unless we are required to keep it for legal reasons, which will be notified to you, if applicable, at the time of your request. As we only collect information that is required, it is likely that revoking your consent will limit the functionality of your MyCare Plus account.


Your Rights as a Data Subject

If you are an individual of whom we process User Data and Visitor Data, you have the following rights:

  • Right to be informed – to request additional information on your Personal Data processing, retention periods, etc.
  • Right of access – to request information regarding your data, such as a confirmation that your Personal Data is being processed and to access a copy of your Personal Data.
  • Right to rectification and data quality – to correct or update your Personal Data when relevant directly in your account or by contacting us.
  • Right to erasure, including retention and disposal – to request the deletion of your Personal Data for different reasons, such as when they are no longer necessary, or if you withdraw consent provided the eradication of any data does not affect the deletion of any of our records.
  • Right to restrict processing – to request the restriction of processing of your Personal Data (which may or may not lead to deletion of data).
  • Right to data portability – to request the Personal Data you have provided to us to be moved, copied or transferred safely.
  • Right to object – to object to our processing of your Personal Data (which may or may not lead to deletion of data).
  • Right to complain – to your local data protection authority or entity.

You can exercise these rights at any time by sending an email to:

If you are a Client, and believe that an Account contains your Personal Data, you will need to contact the Account Owner with any questions or requests regarding your data.


How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, complaints or requests regarding this Privacy Policy please contact us at: We take your privacy very seriously and will respond to you as soon as possible.