Allied Health Clinics


My Care Plus strongly believe in working with community to provide the best care to our clients. We offer NDIS admin services to allied health clinics who are not NDIS registered.
If you’re a clinic and not NDIS registered and you’re feeling like you’re missing out on seeing NDIA-managed participants, then look no further. Part of our services include:

  • On boarding you and your team onto our system. This allows us to claim your NDIS visits under our registration.
  • Processing your invoices and forwarding payment into your account. We also don’t believe in setting payment periods. We pay you as soon as we receive the funds. (Which is generally 1-2 business days)
  • We can allocate and lock funding on your behalf for your clients.
  • No NDIS auditing for your business. Since the registration is under our name. MyCare Plus handles the auditing process.
  • No NDIS administrative work. No need to train your staff in how the NDIS works.

We want you to keep providing the best quality care to your clients while you let us worry about all the admin and auditing that comes with the NDIS.

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