Manage your NDIS Participants

Locate Clinics and Service Providers for your participants

NDIS ready services

Our pool of services are NDIS ready and available locally

Meet all NDIS requirements

MyCare Plus adheres to all NDIS rules and regulations

Approved Prices

Our prices comply with the NDIS price guide for your ease of mind

Free NDIS CRM Software

Streamlined management of your participants plan with automatic invoice generation, budget calculation and more.



NDIS ready Client Management Software

A cloud based system allowing you to access MyCare Plus directly from your laptop, tablet or mobile without installation.

Participant Booking Overview

Clear overview of all participants’ bookings in an effective calendar layout. Track important tasks, appointments and create client schedules.

Integrated Booking Approval

Approve your participants booking in a simple click. Integrated confirmation system removing the need to contact multiple service providers.

Manage your NDIS participants

Organisation made easy. Add, edit and manage your participants under one system. Assign participants to individual staff for more effective patient care.

Managing your participants plan made easy

Plan and monitor client funding, set up clients NDIS goals and measure outcome progress.

Transparency of care

Free participant user portal allowing for visibility of plan, outcomes and budget.

Increase your clientele

Send participants requests to join your organisation or even receive participant requests directly from their own custom user portal.

Invoicing and Billing made easy

Automatic invoice generation and PRODA Bulk Payment claims made ready for you.

Track and improve your Business

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics to help you track and improve your business.


NDIS Practice Management Software



How much it cost join MyCarePlus?

Absolutely nothing. It’s 100% free. There are no setup fees or hidden costs. You can get started at any time and anywhere.


How do I begin?

Simply fill out our online form Plan Managers Form with he required details and we will send you an email with your own login with MyCare Plus.


How many participants can I manage with MyCare Plus?

As many as you have! Simply add your participant or they can add you!


How many staff logins can I create?

You can create unlimited user accounts with MyCare Plus to help manage your business.


Will I be charged any fees or costs to use the MyCare Plus platform?

Absolutely not! MyCare Plus is dedicated to improving NDIS participant care, and as such our software is completely free for all Plan Managers and NDIS patients!


How do I book a service for my participant?

You can book any service you need through our extensive Clinic and Allied Health database. Simply login and click on any available time slot on your calendar.

Alternatively, the participant can choose the booking themselves through our online booking system and it will be shown to you for approval!


Do I get notified when my participant books a service?

Yes, you automatically get notified and it is shown to you for approval. We even send you an email in case you are not logged in!

Do I have to contact the service provider to approve my participants booking?

No, MyCare Plus have made it as simple as possible, all service details and costs are shown to you in the platform for you to approve through a simple click!


Can my participant receive a service before my approval?

Absolutely not! The provider can only service your participant after you have approved it.


When do I receive an invoice to process?

All invoices are sent automatically to you as soon as the service is complete!


Do I have all the details needed to process the invoice through PRODA?

Yes! They are even made available to you to export in PRODA format.


How can I manage my participants if I have multiple offices and staff?

You can set up your different branches and assign your participants to their appropriate offices and individual staff!


Can I manage my participant’s plan and funds through MyCare Plus?

Absolutely! After you enter your participants plan details it automatically keeps track of their budget and notifies you of any changes.


Still have other unanswered questions?

Email our dedicated team at